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Hello world!

Hard to believe we are done with the 2013 sport fishing season. It was a good year with many ups and downs. King season started out hot, it looked like we were in for a banner year. Almost felt like my first years as a guide. The first 5 days of the season we had 3 clients that landed 20 kings all in the 35-45lbs range. The second 5 days started to cool off but fishing was still good we made our first run to Kiluda looking for that 50+lbs king but we struck out and narrowly avoided a skunk. The third week was off to a good start we made our second run to Kiluda for a look that 50+ and for a second trip no kings and we had our first skunk on kings. Kiluda being a very unpredictable place we went to next day which turned out to be a good call we landed 4 kings there and one was over the 50lbs mark. Our third trip there was the best day of the season 5 kings 45-64lbs a 55 and 64lbs king in one day! We went into our 5th week will just over 50 kings landed. This was not a productive week for kings but we had some great bottom fishing halibut and rock fish were on the bite. Week 6 we had a few good king days and halibut was in full swing. Officially the Qakiiyak ended the king season with 70 Kings landed. 6 were over 50lbs and 2 were 60+.

The bottom fishing in July was hot this year with both boats catching limits of halibut and rock fish daily and catching quite a few ling cod and a couple kings and other salmon.  Silvers looked promising but due to a huge pink salmon run the silvers were a no show. We were having an amazing ling cod catch in August, Yellow eye were hot and halibut was going strong. Even without silvers the action was nonstop in August. The season ended with many happy memories and happy clients. I can’t wait for 2014



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